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Class Pages

Crazies Hill is a small school with about 100 children.
The school is currently organised into four classes, each class being named after an area in the locality:

  • Remenham Reception or Foundation Stage
  • Linden Year 1 / Year 2 – Key Stage 1
  • Ashley Year 3 / Year 4 – Key Stage 2
  • Bowsey Year 5 / Year 6 – Key Stage 2

Although the school is currently organised as detailed above, the governors reserve the right to change the nature and composition of the classes where this is to the overall benefit of the school.

Teachers have particular expertise in a variety of curriculum areas and use a variety of methods to organise their classrooms and to group children. These methods may include group activities, paired and individual work.

In order to meet the pupils various abilities, teachers carefully differentiate their lessons. Additionally, there is significant adult help provided in each class through trained ‘Learning Support Assistants’. These enable the school to achieve excellent adult-pupil ratios.

We value the importance of parental involvement, either by helping in school with a range of activities or by supporting their children with reading and home-based tasks.

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