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a church school

Our church school status is a key characteristic of our school. Our Christian vision is based on Mathew 12 verse 33-35, ‘A tree is known by its fruit; people by their actions’. We believe that our ‘fruit’ are children and adults who have the resilience to weather life’s ups and downs, show respect for themselves, others and their environment and demonstrate the ability to build and maintain good relationships with all in their community. All of our aims, plans and policies are written with this vision in mind.

Children and adults know our vision through three core values, resilience, respect and relationship. These are illustrated by key Bible stories and Gems awards. (insert pictures of the boards here)

Led by the parable of the Good Samaritan, we extend a warm welcome to all families from all backgrounds and we are here to serve the whole community.

The Keys Academy Trust is currently composed of all church schools. We share the same core Christian principles across our schools but each school maintains its own unique character and vision. Helping each other is key to our vision and working together as a larger body enables each individual smaller body to flourish in its own community.

We have strong links with our parish church St Mary’s Church in Wargrave and enjoy Reverend John Cook’s visits and the special services we hold at St Mary’s throughout the year.

We also have strong links with the Oxford Diocese education service and benefit from their courses and conferences. We have our own Diocesan adviser, who visits the school regularly to support our work in developing our church school ethos.

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