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At Crazies Hill we have core principles of teaching and learning which shape the implementation of our curriculum.

  • We promote a growth mindset among children and staff. We praise effort and involve all children in recognising the value of making mistakes. Specific feedback is given to children in order for them to improve their work and make progress.
  • We see oracy and the explicit teaching of vocabulary as vital components of our curriculum. We recognise the impact an expansive vocabulary has on an individual’s life chances.
  • We use high quality texts to build vocabulary, teach children about relationships and grasp the concepts we have identified as essential knowledge.
  • We believe understanding is built through collaboration between teacher and pupil and among pupils and that high quality dialogue is central to learning;
  • We are highly ambitious and aim for excellence in all we do so that children and staff can feel pride in their endeavors. Models of excellence are used as a teaching tool and a benchmark for outcomes.
  • We guide learning through an instructional framework with concrete models that demonstrate excellence;
  • We use questions to deepen understanding and foster curiosity
  • We strive to make learning activities enriching and real;
  • We have a core commitment to equality of opportunity
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