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Expectations of Pupils and Staff using the Internet

  • The pupils will be given copies of the school’s “Think then Click” rules for safe internet use and should be reminded of them every time they access the internet.
  • The Home School Agreement will include an awareness of safe internet use and parents and children will be asked to sign, having discussed the agreement together.  The Home School Agreement was updated to include this reference from September 2014.
  • At Crazies Hill, we expect all pupils and staff to be responsible for their own behaviour on the Internet, just as they are anywhere else in school. This includes materials they choose to access, and language they use.
  • Pupils and staff using the World Wide Web are expected not to deliberately seek out offensive materials. Should any pupils or staff encounter any such material accidentally, they are expected to report it immediately to the ICT leader, so that the Service Provider can block further access to the site. Further to this staff should endeavor to screen web database searches and clips before using in lessons.
  • Pupils are expected not to use any rude language in their email communications and contact only people they know or those the teacher has approved. They have been taught the rules of etiquette in email and are expected to follow them.
  • Pupils must ask permission before accessing the Internet and have a clear idea why they are using it.
  • Pupils and Staff should not access other people's files unless permission has been given.
  • Computers should only be used for schoolwork and homework unless permission has been granted otherwise.
  • No program files may be downloaded to the computer from the Internet. This is to prevent corruption of data and avoid viruses.
  • No programs on disc or CD Rom should be brought in by pupils from home for use in school although staff can seek permission from the Head. This is for both legal and security reasons.
  • Homework completed at home may be brought in on CD-ROM or memory stick, but this will have to be virus scanned by the class teacher before use.
  • No personal information such as phone numbers and addresses should be given out and no arrangements to meet someone made unless this is part of an approved school project.
  • Pupils and Staff consistently choosing not to comply with these expectations will be warned, and subsequently, may be denied access to Internet resources. They will also come under the general discipline procedures of the school which comprises an escalating set of measures including a withdrawal of privileges.
  • Uploading and downloading of non-approved software will not be permitted.

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