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Our Vision

A tree is known by its fruit, people by their actions

Our vision is taken from Matthew 7:20 

Our school’s curriculum is driven by our aim that the children from Crazies Hill CE Primary will go out into the world and make the world a better place. Our school is known for providing rich moral teaching through the delivery of a broad and balanced curriculum. Our strong values are interwoven in all that we do.

The three Rs: Relationships, Resilience and Respect help our children to develop a deeper understanding of our Christian values. Their depth of understanding is such that the children identify these values in their personal approach to their schooling and celebrate them in the achievements of their friends.

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Our children understand of the importance of maintaining healthy relationships for their happiness. Friendship, kindness, compassion and empathy are highly valued and promoted throughout the school. The older children have an important role in supporting the younger members of the school through their playground buddies responsibilities. We award rubies to children who demonstrate these caring qualities. Each class has a kindness creature that spends time with the member of the class who has shone by demonstrating care and consideration. We support at least one charity every term to encourage empathy and compassion.  



As a school, we are mindful of the Government’s concerns with young people’s mental health and physical fitness. We promote healthy bodies and minds through our Growth Mindset approach to learning and challenges. Endurance, determination and perseverance are the values we celebrate and this is done by awarding emeralds to the children who demonstrate these qualities. We collaborate with other schools to offer interschool competitions and a wide range of sporting experiences. Children have opportunities to participate in Yoga and judo sessions before school.

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We value our traditions in this school and the children wear our uniform with pride. The whole school community shows reverence to God and listens to the religious teachings provided by Reverend Cook and the other assembly leaders. Part of this teaching is to welcome families from other faiths and to be empathetic towards other cultures and religions.

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