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Policy on charging for school activities

Parents may be asked to make voluntary contributions for any visit or journey organised by the school and approved by the Governors. Although the matter of a voluntary contribution will not be a factor in deciding whether a pupil is allowed to participate in an activity to be financed by voluntary contributions, the school reserves the absolute right to determine whether the level of contributions is sufficient to enable the activity to take place.

The Governors will apply the statutory minimum remissions to any charges which they make; that is, in respect of pupils whose parents are in receipt of income support or family credit. Any further remission of charges will be at the absolute discretion of the Governors.

The Governors reserve the right to ask parents to contribute to the cost of replacement items incurred as a result of breakages, loss or damage, of books, equipment, material, other than the normal fair wear and tear.

Public Access to documents

The Head Teacher holds the following in school, which are available for any parent at all reasonable times. We are happy to supply copies but may have to make a charge to cover our costs.

  • The Local Authority (LA) Statement of Curriculum Policy.
  • The School's Curriculum Policy Statements.
  • All Statutory Instruments, Circular and Administrative Memoranda received by the Department for Education and Employment relating to the Education Reform Act 1988 which refer to the Curriculum.
  • Local Authority document "Local Arrangements for the consideration of complaints about the School Curriculum".
  • Any published inspection reports on the school.
  • The Local Authority's agreed syllabus for Religious Education.

School Policies

If you would like a free paper copy of any of our policies please contact the office.

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