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Medical Matters

Your child's health is important to us. As a fully inclusive school, we would wish to support children who have conditions that require medication. Please ensure we always have full knowledge of any health problems. We need to know if your child suffers from asthma, epilepsy, diabetes, etc.
Simple first aid can be given at school, but occasionally it may be necessary to call a doctor and to send a child to hospital if there has been a more serious incident. (Please see appendix for details about other medical matters.)

When necessary, medicine, can be brought into school in a safe container, clearly labelled with the contents, owner's name and the dosage. If you are unable to come into school to administer the dose yourself, written instructions should be completed on our form and given personally to the school secretary.

Please do not send your child to school unless he or she is fit and well. Sick children cannot learn and may infect other children. This is a link to NHS advice "Is my child too ill for school?" https://www.nhs.uk/Livewell/Yourchildatschool/Pages/Illness.aspx

Vomiting and diarrhoea. Children with diarrhoea and/or vomiting should definitely be kept off school until 48 hours after their symptoms have gone.

It is essential that all parents provide contact details where we can reach them if a child becomes ill at school or in an emergency. We also need a telephone number for a relation or friend of the family just in case you cannot be contacted. Please keep these contact details up to date as phone numbers or work details change.

During your child's first year at school, he/she will have a routine medical examination by the School Nurse. The School Nurse carries out sight and hearing tests and can always be contacted to give advice on your child's health. Height and weight tests are carried out in Year 6.

Advice from other professionals is also available.

from the berkshire west school nurse team :-

The school nurse can provide a bridge between education, health and home, helping young people make healthy choices and keeping themselves safe. We offer a non-judgemental and confidential service and are available through schools or in Berkshire West by phoning 0118 949 5055.

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