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Parent Survey

February 2015

Dear Parents,

First of all thank you very much for taking the time to respond to our parent survey.   We had a great response – 45 in total and you have provided us with a lot of additional feedback and food for thought.

We appreciate that some of you may want the opportunity to discuss feedback further and would like to offer a feedback surgery with governors later this term. Please would you email the school office if you would like to book an individual appointment.

We also had some comments on how to improve the survey, which we will look to see if we can incorporate into next year’s survey.

Below are the actual results, and we have concluded that there are five main areas of concern that we need to look at.  Firstly there is some concern about knowing how your child is progressing, and secondly how you can help more at home.

There were a lot of comments about school meals and Educational trips – we have noted these, and will give both of these further thought as there are limited actions we can take.

Finally we have some suggestions about how we can further improve after school activities and we have commented on this below.

Thanks again,
Parent and Community Governors

Note 1 - I know how my child is progressing – and I receive the right amount of information to help support my child at home

We are looking at ways to help you understand better how your child is progressing and how you can support your child’s learning at home.  You may be aware that the Government is changing the way children are assessed next year, and we plan to provide information to parents as and when the details become available.  In principle, schools will be expected to demonstrate (with evidence) their assessment of pupils’ progress, to keep parents informed, to enable governors to make judgements about the school’s effectiveness, and to inform Ofsted inspections.

We are also looking at more ways of engaging parents to give them information on how to support children at home including English and Maths evenings showing the current methods of teaching.

Please also remember that the teachers are always available in the playground and are more than happy for you to approach them, or arrange an informal conversation about your child.

Note 2 – After School Activities

We are providing a range of after school activities, but are always looking to see if this can be extended.  As ever, we are limited by the size of the school and the number of children wanting to participate.  We are currently running 6 clubs over 4 evenings each week, plus there are 4 lunchtime clubs and a Judo club before school.  If we provide too many clubs, there may be conflict and too few children to make the clubs viable.  For example those clubs run by outside teams such as archery require a minimum of 8 children to keep the club running.

Note 3 – School Lunches

Provision of school lunches is funded by WBC and delivered by CaterLink.  WBC has a fixed term contract with them and over 85% of parents want their children to take advantage of a cooked lunch, provided by the school.  We do have frequent discussions with CaterLink, but because of the amount and nature of comments from the survey, we feel it would be beneficial to have a formal meeting with them to discuss the contract and see how well they are meeting their commitments.  There were also a couple of comments regarding the seating arrangements and whilst many children enjoy sitting in smaller groups we have now purchased another big table which is already in use.  The size of the hall is always a limitation, but we will re-evaluate to see if any more tables can be accommodated.

Note 4 – Drop off club

We have been trialling the drop-off club which the school is heavily subsidising at present, because of the low take up.  We have looked at providing breakfast, but we have limited facilities for this, due to location and other school users.  We have also looked at after school care, but the previous survey indicated that 49% were not interested in after school care, or at least only on some days.  This would also have a negative impact on the after school activities.

Note 5 – School Trips

The PTA has kindly agreed to fund a couple of school trips arranged for the summer term.

Information about other trips and activities that support the school curriculum will be circulated in the relevant term when they will take place.

Survey Results

  • 1. My child is in:
          Response Percent Response Total
    1 Foundation
    13.33% 6
    2 Year 1
    13.33% 6
    3 Year 2
    18% 7
    4 Year 3
    22.22% 10
    5 Year 4
    15.56% 7
    6 Year 5
    8.89% 4
    7 Year 6
    11.11% 5

    89% of respondents agree that their child enjoys school

    ‘My child absolutely adores Crazies Hill and could not be happier there’

    ‘He cannot wait to get there!’

    ‘(My child) talks animatedly about what he has done.’

    ‘He's bored by the activities, routine and structure.’

    ‘Some days better than others.’

  • 2. My child enjoys school
          Response Percent Response Total
    1 Yes
    88.89% 40
    2 No
    11.11% 5

    89% of respondents agree that their child enjoys school

    ‘My child absolutely adores Crazies Hill and could not be happier there’

    ‘He cannot wait to get there!’

    ‘(My child) talks animatedly about what he has done.’

    ‘He's bored by the activities, routine and structure.’

    ‘Some days better than others.’

  • 3. I know how my child is progressing at the school
          Response Percent Response Total
    1 Yes
    56.82% 25
    2 No
    43.18% 19

    43% of respondents would like more feedback on their child’s progress (See Note 1)

    ‘Very good feedback from school staff and via comments in books, etc.’

    ‘Crazies hill School offers a good number of parents' evenings and the teachers are accessible for interim chats’

    ‘Would like feedback more frequently than once a term.’

    ‘No communication apart from a generalised end of term report and a parents meeting.’

  • 4. The school is well led and managed
          Response Percent Response Total
    1 Yes
    82.50% 33
    2 No
    17.50% 7

    The majority of respondents agree that the school is well managed

    ‘Mrs Holmes is excellent.’

    ‘Clearly very experienced at the helm.’

    ‘The school is very well run.

  • 5. The staff are approachable
          Response Percent Response Total
    1 Yes
    88.64% 39
    2 No
    11.36% 5

    The majority of respondents think the staff are approachable

    ‘All are always available in the playground before and after school which is great. I'd only add, that I hope the staff think the parents are approachable too’

    ‘(Staff are) Always friendly and welcoming’

  • 6. The school encourages children to be fit and eat healthily
          Response Percent Response Total
    1 Yes
    86.05% 37
    2 No
    13.95% 6

    Most respondents agree that the children are encouraged to be fit and healthy.

    ‘Yes. Some clubs however tend to give out too many sweets for rewarding the children.’

    ‘The school definitely tries to encourage children to be healthy.’

    ‘However, I do not think that the children do enough sport.’

  • 7. I receive the right information to help me support child's learning at home.
          Response Percent Response Total
    1 Yes
    65.85% 27
    2 No
    34.15% 14

    35% of respondents feel that we could do better with this.

    We are looking at more ways of encouraging parents and teachers to engage in discussions about how to help support their child’s learning at home (See Note 1)

    ‘I have not received any information for any home support. More letters from the individual teachers on how we parents can help more.’

    ‘There should be a parent workshop every term with the subjects that will be taught and exactly how to practice it at home’

    ‘The techniques used sometimes vary hugely from how we as parents were taught so it can lead to confusion when a child needs help with homework etc.’

  • 8. What is your preferred method of communication from the school - check all that apply
          Response Percent Response Total
    1 Newsletter
    68.89% 31
    2 Email
    93.33% 42
    3 Website
    28.89% 13
    4 SMS Text
    46.67% 21
    5 Book bag letter
    46.67% 21
    6 Other (please specify):
    2.22% 1

    ‘Information in more than one format is useful. As having more than one reminder is beneficial to us busy working parents.’

  • 9. The frequency of communication is:
          Response Percent Response Total
    1 About right
    93.33% 42
    2 Too little
    6.67% 3
    3 Too much
    0.00% 0
  • 10. I know where to find information I need about the school
          Response Percent Response Total
    1 Yes
    93.33% 42
    2 No
    6.67% 3
  • 11. There is a good range of after school activities
          Response Percent Response Total
    1 Yes
    64.29% 27
    2 No
    35.71% 15

    36% of respondents feel that this could be improved - See note 2

    ‘Good, given the size of the school’

    ‘Better this term with intro of Monday activity games club - would be good to see more like this’

    ‘More sports (cross-country running, hockey, dance), language clubs, cookery’

    ‘However, the problem with after-school clubs is the fact that they end 2 weeks before the term before the longer holidays.

  • 12. The lunches provided are good and nutritious
          Response Percent Response Total
    1 Yes
    53.66% 22
    2 No
    46.34% 19

    Over 46% of respondents are not happy with the provision of lunches – See Note 3

    ‘My daughter enjoys them, and I know there is a varied menu.’

    ‘Generally the comments about lunch are not hugely positive’

    ‘Portions are far too small for most children’.

    ‘Frequent complaints from my children re quantity and quality of food.’

  • 13. We have been trialling a before school Drop Off Club. We need a greater uptake to make the club viable. Are you / would you be interested in the Drop Off Club?
          Response Percent Response Total
    1 Every Day
    2.27% 1
    2 Some Days
    50.00% 22
    3 Not Interested  
    47.73% 21

    48% of parents surveyed are not interested in the before school drop off club – see Note 4

    ‘I would do it but only when they start doing breakfast.’

    ‘It’s more stressful trying to get them ready and fed to be dropped off at that time. We are all finding it a stressful experience’

  • 14. Would you recommend Crazies Hill to another parent
          Response Percent Response Total
    1 Yes
    90.00% 36
    2 No
    10.00% 4

    Over 90% of respondents would recommend Crazies Hill.

    ‘And I do! It's a very special place and we're delighted to have our kids going there! have done so on numerous occasions and have lots of friends with children now there as a result!’

    ‘Yes and no depending on which year group your child is in.’

  • 15. Do you have any further comments?

    ‘Just thank you to all staff at the school for their friendliness, positivity and professionalism.’

    ‘Great school, great staff. Glad we chose Crazies Hill.’

    ‘The biggest area that I feel the school is in need of improvement in is the lack of school trips’

    ‘Thrilled to have my daughter at such a lovely, well run, friendly school, who performed so well in the KS tables’

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